Expedition in Nepal

Expedition in Nepal is the ultimate and extremely audacious act done by mountaineers from all around the world. Expedition means ascending the mountains at least from 6000m to 8000m into the thin air which is the toughest and the most dangerous task to accomplish. The 8 highest gigantic mountains of the Himalayas including the highest mountain in the world, Mt Everest look so alluring, challenging, and breathtaking that mountaineers fall in love with them and immediately get determined to kiss their summits. As they lie in the different parts of Nepal which have different people, civilizations, languages, and of course diversity in nature, mountaineers get an opportunity to study Nepali societies too.
Nature has enabled Nepal to offer mountaineers a number of alternatives for expeditions, exploration of Himalayas wonders, mystery, beauty, toughness, and wildness. The ultimate expedition in Nepal is to ascend Mt Everest (8848 m). But before that, it’s better to scale the other mountains like, Mt Annapurna I, Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, Makalu, etc. these mountains are also above 8000m.
Time for Expedition.
The best time to ascend the mountains are autumn and spring. These are the seasons with moderate climate and less rain. In these seasons, it is easier, safer, and more comfortable for mountaineers to accomplish their dream of Expedition in Nepal.

Expedition in Nepal is to accept the challenge of gigantic beguiling mountains which have granted mortals to make history or have taken their lives for their carelessness and overconfidence. Similarly, it means conquering them through blizzards, hazards, wildness, and toughness in thin air. Likewise, they are prone to avalanches. Their small mistake and wrong step make them fall into crevasses or suffer from frostbite or freeze in snow which ultimately leads them to death. So, climbers should be painstaking and should have excellent preparation, strong willpower, and determination. Before ascending the mountains at 8000m height, climbers better know all the equipment and gear that are used to reach the top, take training in mountain climbing, get information about the Himalayas, and do frequent trekking and peak climbing in Nepal so that they can get familiar with the terrain, people, culture and nature. And before climbing Mt Everest they should climb other 8000m mountains like Annapurna, Makalu, etc, so that they can be experienced, skilled, and competent in mountain climbing to achieve their dream. Last but not the least, they should prepare all the documents for the Expedition in Nepal.

Why Choose Caravan Outdoors for Expedition in Nepal?

Nepal is a paradise for mountaineers who are crazy about risking their lives in the thin air above 8000m. fascinating invitation from the glorious mountains of the high Himalayas makes them forget the toughness and wildness that they have to go through during ascending the mountains, and indulge in the amazing human experience and achievement of being top of the world. To get success in any expedition in Nepal, a good team is essential. Without a component team of skilled, experienced, brave, enthusiastic, and mindful members, climbing is impossible and may cause human casualties. So, mountaineers must be alert about the company or the agency through which they are planning expeditions in Nepal in the high Himalayas. So, with a solo motto of providing excellent services, especially in Expedition, Caravan Outdoors has been serving for years. Memorable experiences in peak climbing and expedition have made Caravan Outdoors more mature. As it always keeps humanity forwards than money, so far, it has faced no human casualty in its services. Moreover, its team members have been serving in the expedition for more than three decades. The team consists of an experienced owner with all kinds of knowledge about tourism in Nepal, local guides, porters, cooks, and Sherpas who are experienced and familiar with each nook and corner of the mountainous places, people, and the Himalayas. They themselves have gone on expeditions many times. Similarly, Caravan Outdoors owns all the requirements like tents, utensils, and other equipment that require for an expedition. And the most important thing that answers why to choose Caravan Outdoors for Expedition in Nepal is – it provides all the services at a reasonable price so that maximum numbers of aspirants fulfill their dream of reaching the summit.

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