Peak Climbing In Nepal

Peak Climbing in Nepal is a thrilling lifetime experience and achievement that energizes your life and makes you a history-maker. Since sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay made Mt Everest bend its head below their feet in 1953, many aspirants desired to climb the peaks as soon as they had a look at the alluring, captivating, like a young elegant bride Himalayas in the Northern part of Nepal. The wide snow-capped high Himalayas, its glaciers, gray rocky low mountains, and just below it, the alpine forest make the Northern part of Nepal art drawn by an artist on a canvas. This is the reason why a number of mountaineers all around the world have become unstoppable in climbing the peaks in Nepal. As Nepal possesses the maximum number of mountains above 8000m in the Himalayas range, only once is not enough to visit Nepal for adventurous activities like peak climbing and expedition in Nepal. The more you climb, the more you find the new destination to reach at. Because 1310 peaks over 6000m have been identified, including 8 out of the 14 highest peaks in the world, along with the highest mountain in the world, Mt Everest(8848m). And 326 peaks are officially available for peak climbing in Nepal and mountaineering. Moreover, Nepal is so inexpensive to travel and adventurous activities that you can make your dream of climbing the high mountain of above 6000m come true on your low budget. Therefore, Nepal is the best destination. So, besides climbing the peak of Mt Everest, Kanchanjangha, Makalu, Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, etc., which are all above 8000m, there are yet the best destinations for Peak Climbing in Nepal that we provide you.

Breathtaking mountain peak to reach, an exciting journey full of socio-cultural study of mountain people, mind-blowing hospitality of hotels with delicious, nutritious food, cozy rooms, and a jocund company of rich bio-diversity generate enthusiasm and energy in your body and provide you mental peace healing all your anxieties of modern life.

Thus, the exodus of mountaineers is increasing every year because the more they climb, the more they find a new destination, and only once is not enough to conquer all the fascinating peaks. So, to hear the call of beautiful but challenging mountains and feel the wildness of beautiful nature, they come frequently. The first climbing becomes the first lesson for the climbers that teaches a lot about the essential mountaineering equipment and gear and their proper use, the Himalayan climate, and acclimatization. Frequent climbing makes you experienced and develops your confidence level. So, here we are to arrange all your climbing providing you with the best service and enhancing you to be a history maker


Why Choose Caravan Outdoors for Peak Climbing in Nepal?

Among the flocks of trekking and expedition companies, Caravan Outdoors is the best and right option for peak climbing and expedition in Nepal. The thing that makes it the best is the company owner and teams, our three decades of experience in tourism, even in the civil war, our public relations, and the perfect arrangement and service in which we keep humanity forwards. Since we prefer excellent service to money, our service under the name Caravan Outdoors is the best selection for Peak Climbing in Nepal. Whether domestic or international tourists, offering the most excellent service is the main intention of Caravan Outdoors. Having three decades of experience in all kinds of tourism, the Caravan Outdoors can’t stand any sort of small compromise in its services. Through our amazing contact and public relationship, we easily arrange hotels according to the budget of a tourist, essential equipment, and gear that the tourist requires during peak climbing. Likewise, his experienced, responsible, knowledgeable guides and Sherpas, who are the local people, provide the tourist with all information about the place, people, culture, and bio-diversity, which makes the tourist’s trip full of fun and informative. Similarly, in case of any unwanted incident, we are able to manage medication and treatment and try our best to avoid human casualties. Moreover, our impressive independence in preparing all the documents for the procedure of peak climbing and expedition really made the trip accomplished on time. Last but not the least, we offer services at a reasonable price so that maximum aspirants fulfill their desire of peak climbing. This is the reason why we get the maximum number of clients all time because our clients themselves promote our services. Hence, the Caravan Outdoors is the best and right option for peak climbing in Nepal.


Best Season for Peak Climbing in Nepal

Peak climbing in Nepal is not possible in every season. The subtropical country, Nepal, is privileged in seasons too. Basically, the world has four seasons but Nepal is an amazing place where you find vast geographical varieties from the low land of 70m high to the world’s highest altitude 8848m. Varieties have granted Nepal six seasons: Spring (mid-March to mid-May), early Summer (mid-May to mid-July), Summer Monsoon (mid-July to mid-Sep), early Autumn (mid-Sep to mid-Nov), late Autumn (mid-Nov to mid-Jan), Winter (mid-Jan to mid-March). Except for Monsoon and Winter, in rest seasons, climbers can ascend the peak. However, Spring and Early Autumn are the best time for Peak Climbing in Nepal. Spring is the best time to reach the top of the mountains from 5000m to above 6000m but less than 7000m which is known as peak climbing. Mid-March to mid-May has a moderate climate in Nepal, with no rain, no clouds, less snow, lavish greenery in the alpine area, and a clear close panoramic view of the Himalayas. Such a place and environment grant climbers heavenly pleasure on the earth and make them easier to succeed in their mission. Another appropriate time to scale the mountains above 5000m is Autumn. Mountaineers who can’t manage their time to enjoy peak climbing in Spring can have joy in Autumn. In Autumn too, the climate is moderate and has mind-blowing visibility. It is the best time for other types of activities too. As it is the time of festivals in Nepal, tourists can observe many cultures and traditions that enhance their knowledge of cultural studies. But, we strongly suggest mountaineers not wish to ascend the mountains in monsoon seasons.

Recommended Peak Climbing in Nepal


Tibet – Mt. Cho Oyu, the world’s sixth highest mountain at 8,201m, is located west of Mt. Everest along the Nepali-Tibetan border. A straightforward climb and not technically demanding, an excellent mountain for climbers wanting to scale their first 8,000m peak with out taking much risk. Our itinerary that begin by driving into Tibet through […]

Mt Baruntse Expedition – 30 Days

Nepal – An ascent on Baruntse (23,390ft / 7,129m) is an adventure for climbers wishing to summit a true Nepali peak. This remote expedition into the heart of the Khumbu culminates in a relatively short climb to the summit of this majestic 7,000er. Baruntse is among some of the highest peaks of the Himalaya, including […]

Ama Dablam

Ama Dablam Expedition – 31 Days

Ama Dablam is one of the most beautiful mountain peaks in the world. Known for its aesthetic appeal, Ama Dablam is mostly chosen by experienced climbers for its technical challenge (5D Category) and short climb duration. The standard climb route follows the South West Ridge, the same route used by the first expedition team in […]

Pisang Peak

Pisang Peak Climbing – 17 Days

Pisang Peak is a popular short peak located in Manang valley at the mid-western region of Nepal. Surrounded by the great Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri, Langtang and Manaslu, the scenery adds to the charm of the trip. At 6,093 meters, the spectacular Pisang Peak offers a challenging climb for both the amateur and experts. With the […]

Lobuche Peak Climbing – 22 Days

Lobuche Peak or Lobuje is one of the highest trekking peaks in Nepal. It is known to have two distinct summits, Lobuche East (6,119 m) and Lobuche West. Most climbs are perfomed at the Lobuche East. In order to climb the Lobuche West, you would need an Expedition permit. Among the trekking peaks in Nepal, […]

Donovan on Island Peak descent

Island Peak Climbing via EBC – 20 Days

Island Peak at the altitude of 6,189 meters is one of the most popular trekking peaks in Nepal. Also known as Imja Tse, the peak lies close to Mount Everest in the Khumbu region. A mountainous area, you get a glimpse of almost every high peaks located at the eastern section of Nepal. Most climbers […]

At Mera Peak Summit

Mera Peak Climbing – 17 Days

The ultimate trekking peak in Nepal is Mera Peak climbing. Standing at an altitude of 6476m among other elegant Himalayan mountains in the Khumbu region, it has been the most glorious and desired trekking peak since before conquering Mt Everest in 1953. This highest trekking peak was actually conquered just nine days before reaching the […]

Climbing the Island Peak summit

Island Peak Climbing – 16 Days

Conquering New Heights: Island Peak Climbing Adventure Introduction: Embarking on a thrilling journey to the Himalayas, Island Peak climbing offers a challenging yet rewarding experience for adventure enthusiasts. Located in the Everest region of Nepal, Island Peak, also known as Imja Tse, stands tall at an impressive elevation of 6,189 meters (20,305 feet). With breathtaking […]

Kyajo Ri Summit

Kyajo Ri Peak Climbing – 16 Days

Kyajo Ri is a small peak located in the Khumbu region of Nepal. It is surrounded by the counterparts, namely; Island Peak, Lobuche and Mera Peak. A technical peak, it requires a good crampon and ice-axing skills. The climb is a concoction of the mixed terrains, and will feel quite challenging when combined with the […]

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