Filming In Nepal

Geographically small but culturally rich country, Nepal has been coming in the eyes of foreigners for few decades. Its culture, religions, traditions, geographical features, flora and fauna, ethnic community, ceremonies, events, and food grant the film shooting in Nepal a number of contents to shoot on. Moreover, generous people and their kind and helping nature make filmmakers accomplish their mission of film shooting in Nepal in a comfortable and friendly environment.

But, to film or shoot any content permission has to be taken. As Nepal’s many religious places and historical places are enlisted in World Heritage Sites, of course, without permission no one is allowed to shoot anything. The permission can be taken from the Ministry of Information and Communication Nepal, the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation Nepal, the Tourism Board, or from the concerned authority. Before film shooting in Nepal, all the paperwork and documentation should be completed. In the case of foreign filmmakers or shooters, they have to collaborate with Agency with whom they are planning to make a film. As Film shooting requires multiple pieces of equipment and tools many of them can be hired. But if the shooters bring them, they have to undergo customs clearance in which process they have to mention the brand name and serial numbers of the equipment.

With globalization, advanced means of communication, social media, and apps, Nepal is also getting remarkable exposure to be recognized in the world. Its rich and distinct culture, tradition, religions, people, lifestyle, events, ceremonies, festivals, indigenous people, biodiversity, landscapes, food, and activities are immense sources of film Shooting in Nepal. Similarly, sports, political, and diplomatic events are also sources of film shooting in Nepal. Nepal is a small, beautiful amazing country with Mt Everest, the highest mountain in the world, however, still it needs more exposure to tell the world that it is the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Lord Shiva, Mt Everest, the Himalayas, and Gurkhas with distinct civilization. So, every nook and corner of Nepal is full of history, religion, and cultural significance. 

Moreover, indigenous people living on the foothill of the Himalayas have their own culture and belief in life. Despite the harsh life, they are kind-hearted and live a happy life. Each of their life is full of unconscious heroism which is one of the mind-blowing content for the film shooting in Nepal. 

So, Caravan Outdoors helps to achieve that. Our team helps to do all the paperwork and arrange all the trips. Excellent public relations in almost all fields make it easier to get helping hands in a film shooting in Nepal. We do and operate all kinds of film shooting in Nepal. Our team with excellent knowledge and dedication in such shooting the film/documentary makers achieve the best film/documentary in their life. Welcome You All !!!

Our Services

Caravan Outdoors offers a range of filming services for international movie production companies and crews. Our services include support for various types of filming such as documentary filming, docudrama, TV reality shows, ad films, mainstream cinema, aerial filming, and high altitude filming. We provide comprehensive services to ensure a successful filming project in Nepal.

We understand the importance of communication and offer rapid response times to our clients. We respond to emails within 12 hours, although we may occasionally experience power and internet outages due to being located in a developing country. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive budget estimates with no hidden costs. Our estimates are based on the time and location details of the filming, and we can arrange upgraded services for the entire film crew if necessary.

Our location manager can scout and guide you to iconic sites and pristine off-the-beaten-path areas in the Himalayas for filming. We also assist with obtaining necessary permits for filming, and we have an excellent relationship with the concerned authorities to expedite the process. We can provide all the necessary documentation for the filming permit application, including an application form, synopsis of the filming story, crew members’ biodata and passport copy, equipment list with values for customs clearance, itinerary, consent letters of concerned organizations, and authorization letter for Responsible Adventures Pvt. Ltd. as a local representative.

We also offer customs clearance services for filming equipment from outside Nepal, and we can assist with visa services and logistics such as food and accommodation. We can arrange vehicles and provide filming equipment for hire or recommend that clients bring their gear if the equipment we have available does not meet their needs and expectations. Some of the equipment readily available in Nepal includes Cine Arri III 35 mm, super 16, RED camera, Panasonic & Sony cameras, HDSLR, HDV to Audio Equipments, and Grip Equipment. We can also provide generators and walkie-talkies for outdoor shoots.

How To Get Filming Permits In Nepal?

If you’re planning to film in Nepal, you’ll need to obtain a filming permit from the government. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Contact the Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) in Nepal to inquire about the filming permit. You can find their contact information on their website.
  2. Submit an application for a filming permit. The application should include the following details:
  • The purpose of the filming
  • The locations where you plan to film
  • The dates when you plan to film
  • The equipment you’ll be using
  • The crew members who will be involved
  1. Pay the required fee for the permit. The fee will depend on the length of your shoot and the locations you plan to film in.
  2. Once you receive the permit, make sure to carry it with you at all times while filming. You may be asked to show it to authorities.
  3. Note that filming is prohibited in some areas of Nepal, so be sure to check with the MoIC about any restrictions before you begin filming.

It’s important to note that the process for obtaining a filming permit in Nepal can be lengthy, so it’s best to plan ahead and allow plenty of time for the application to be processed.


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